You Can Build Character!

Character: so important to leadership, so important to being a good human being. So how to build it? Let me snatch a few lines from Marathon War:

“Men and women are not perfect, and all of us have flaws, which we usually try to control, or at least hide from others. We are not born with character: instead, we develop it within ourselves over a lengthy period of time, some through education, some through the school of hard knocks of experience, and most often, through watching and emulating those we admire. The most important facet of character is the act of becoming: we are flawed, yet we strive for self-control and hope that others see us as we would wish to be seen and remembered. And the ultimate test of character is how we act when we know our actions are unseen, not attributable, and yet important.”

People with a finely tuned character are all around us. Most often, they are NOT the heroes of the day, especially if we are thinking of sports figures, media stars, and the like. They may be inconspicuous in your life and you just don’t recognize them as such: great role models. Look around for them, model their best parts, encourage those you care about to do the same, and more than all, try to be better person. You CAN build character!

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