What’s missing this Memorial Day?

This week I am visiting Fort Bragg, and there are American flags everywhere on and off post, as befitting the home of the great All American Division and the home of our Special Operations outfits. I sincerely hope all of you are able to get some well-deserved breaks from work or the same old routine if you are retired, and see family, barbecue, and enjoy some refreshments.

So what’s missing?

Missing are those that died in uniform serving our country and all of us Americans. Pick your war or conflict, there have been so many. Those that did not come home alive to their families and friends.

This weekend, as I see all of these American flags everywhere, I am making a special effort to remember the fallen that served with me in Kosovo, Iraq, and of course, Afghanistan. I try to think of a different one each time I see a flag. There are so many.

In your own way this weekend, take a bit of time to honor them by thinking of and praying for those who died in service to America.

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