Am I ready?

Have you ever wondered “Am I ready?” Maybe before a promotion, or a new job, or starting something new in your life? I have. Many, many times. In my book Marathon War, I describe how I sat out on the steps in front of the Farmhouse – the designated home for the 101St Airborne Division Commanding General, at dawn the morning I was to take command, with a cup of steaming black coffee, and thought to myself: Am I ready? This wasn’t so much self-doubt as it was mental preparation for what was ahead – some of which I could anticipate, but much that was unknown. When we ask ourselves this question, it is more about ensuring we are COMPETENT to take on our new position, task, or lifestyle – and in my mind, seeking competence is critical to always developing as a human being, and is one of the BIG 3 marks of a great leader – but more on that later! Next time I write, I want to discuss how we can know if we are in fact ready – or competent – for life’s next step.

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